Zapata County Museum of History

Zapata County Museum of History

A unique institution in Texas, the Zapata County Museum of History presents a comprehensive, balanced storyline in English and Spanish developed by using local archives. Authentic artifacts and interactives enhance the text and graphics as the story unfolds beginning with the geological development of the area, the native plants and animals, and the progression of the human imprint.

In addition to a Native Tree Arboretum composed of fourteen different species, the Museum grounds have an extensive Butterfly Garden which has hosted many itinerant butterflies including the Monarch, the Queen, the Large Orange Sulphur, the Wood Satyr, and the Giant Yellow Swallowtail. Throughout the year, visitors can enjoy a firsthand look of all four stages of metamorphosis.

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Mertens Frontier Store and Museum

Mertens Frontier Ranch Store and Museum

There is something for the whole family at the the Mertens Frontier Ranch store and museum. Realism, and history make for an interesting and unforgettable experience. Indian artifacts from South Texas area, mounted exhibits of animals portrayed in human situations, "Grandma and Grandpa Bucky", small exhibit of a variety of snakes found in South Texas, including the Western Diamondback Rattle Snake. Come walk the street of our false front western town, which includes a Black Smith's shop, Jail, Saloon and even an 25 foot Teepee. Interesting finds are just around the corner.

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