It's Hunting Season in Zapata!

In Zapata, fishing’s certainly not the only game in town.  Hunters, too, find this South Texas brush country a veritable cornucopia for prized game.  In fact, national magazines such as Outdoor Life, and Field and Stream, consistently rank Zapata County as one of Texas’ best places to hunt.

Zapata County offers a wide variety of game, including white-tail deer, quail, mourning and white-wing doves, turkey, javalina and feral hogs.  While deer and bird hunting carry a set season, hunters can hunt for javelina and feral hogs all year.  Because both javelina and feral hogs are nocturanl creatures, hunters can also pursue their game at night.  While feral hogs carry no limitations, the state does put a cap on the javelina harvest, limiting it to two per license per year.  The State of Texas requires that any hunter, regardless of age, carry a hunting license to hunt anything from fowl to reptiles to mammals. However, one does not need a hunting license to hunt coyotes or feral hogs.

Guides and Hunting Leases Information:

Zapata Wildlife Outfitters
Contact David Dodier
(956) 763-1266

Ricky Martinez
1803 N. Alamo St.
Zapata, TX 78076
(956) 765-5253
Las Lajas Game Ranch
Contact Robert Vela
(926) 728-9090
(956) 237-3883
La Laja Ranch
Jose Vidaurri
(956) 645-6326
Varal Ranch
Contact Martin Volpe
(956) 580-9769
The Tepozan Ranch
3505 S. US Hwy 83
Zapata, TX 78076
Contact Gil Gamez
(512) 426-4255

For more information please contact Zapata County Chamber of Commerce (956) 765-4871 or 800-292-LAKE (5253)