Zapata, your world class bass fishing destination!

Don’t let the bass of a lifetime get away!

Beneath the clear blue waters of Falcon Lake lies a bonanza of big-mouth bass just right for the catching. Fishermen (and women) from all over the country make their annual pilgrimages to this storied lake in the hopes of landing the Big One. Anglers, too, find the lure of Falcon Lake hard to resist. In fact, Bass Champs and Bassmaster hold their fishing tournaments on Falcon Lake’s shores, attracting scores of fishing enthusiasts. A flotilla of fishing boats converge on the lake as competitors vie for the chance to land the biggest bass of all.  And, some have! Just ask Tom Law, who, this past year, broke the record for having caught the biggest large-mouth bass in Falcon Lake history, snagging a behemoth that weighed in at just under 16 pounds. Of course, one should also consider the beauty of Falcon Lake. 
Daybreak bathes Falcon Lake in a bright golden light as the sun makes its way over the horizon. The waters seem to glisten as the morning sunlight hits them, almost sparkling like diamonds. Then, comes twilight. There is something about looking out at the golden pink hues of the setting South Texas sun as it dances over the blue waters, especially as the fishermen bring their boats to the shore after a day of fishing. One could not ask for a better place to fish. Just ask the World Fishing Network! Last year, the prestigious organization named Falcon Lake one of its Ultimate Top 20 Fishing Towns in the United States! That’s a mighty big honor for this little piece of heaven. In fact, Falcon Lake is the only spot in Texas to have earned this special distinction. The honor puts Falcon Lake in the same caliber as legendary fishing spots like Lake Tahoe.
But, perhaps the biggest testimony of Falcon Lake’s enduring popularity comes from the countless visitors this lush paradise attracts year in and year out. Whether they come to cast their nets in the hopes of landing the one that didn’t get away or if they simply want to enjoy the beauty of Falcon Lake, they come, and, nearly all of them return, for its the lure of Falcon Lake that reels them back.