The Zapata County Chamber of Commerce is one of the wisest investments a business can make. The average small business pays well under a dollar per day for membership in the Chamber.
Active membership in the Zapata County Chamber of Commerce provides an opportunity to build a better business. Any citizen who is interested in helping develop Zapata County (which means more money, more business, more jobs and better living for everyone) is eligible to be a member of the Zapata County Chamber of Commerce.
You’ll have the satisfaction of being part of a team that is providing an important service for Zapata County. Although everyone in the community benefits from the work of the Chamber, only Chamber members can take a sense of pride in knowing they are directly supporting that work.
The major portions of your Zapata County Chamber of Commerce membership dues are tax-deductible as a business expense, not as a charitable contribution. 98% of your dues are tax deductible; the other 2%, used for lobbying purposes, are not deductible.

Why Support the Chamber? Because the Chamber supports you!

Member Benefits: The Zapata County Chamber of Commerce is recognized as a leader locally, regionally and throughout the State and continues to assist in developing smart growth strategies and policies to keep Zapata moving forward and bringing in new developments, workforce development & higher education, tourism, and better quality of life for all our residents.
The Chamber invites you to become a part of our winning team and combine your business strengths and ideas with fellow business professionals. The value and services of a Chamber membership will become an asset to your business for years to come.
The Chamber of Commerce membership is comprised of local & area business owners, organizations, and individuals who are interested in promoting Zapata’s economic growth. It is governed by an elected Board of Director’s and funded by membership dues & local hotel/motel tax monies. The Chamber supports its members through advertising and promotions to increase their business and educational & training programs. Each day we receive requests for referrals and Chamber members are always promoted.

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The Zapata County Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1948 and is the oldest established business organization in the county. Its membership includes the largest of business establishments in the county as well as small business and services. Being a member of the Chamber offers credibility and respect.

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Local, State, and Federal government entities look to the Chamber for input into matters related to business and community representatives of the Zapata County Chamber of Commerce network with these officials on matters of relevance to its membership.

{tab Outreach}

The Zapata County Chamber of Commerce is one of the leading promoters of Zapata County as a place to do business. This invariably generates business for its membership.

{tab Publication Development}

The Zapata County Chamber of Commerce participates in a variety of publications and maintains an internet web page that provides up-to-date information to the membership and serves to promote local business, trade and tourism.

{tab Professional Development}

The Zapata County Chamber of Commerce through various committees, sponsor a wide variety of seminars and workshops to keep our membership informed.

{tab Tourism}

Through a selection of events & activities (like the Bass Fishing Tournaments) the Chamber supports local industry.

{tab Staffs Services}

Membership fees help maintain a professional staff in service full time, year round. The Chamber staffs provide information to its members on a number of issues; it helps generate business leads, it promotes local industry; and it represents business interest in Zapata and other communities.

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Regular business meeting provide informative presentations regarding issues that affect our local businesses and offers networking opportunities.


The Zapata County Chamber of Commerce must not only continue to take the lead in promoting Zapata in the tourist industry, but to encourage the development of attractions with the county to increase the length of stays of visitors to the communities.

Membership Plan receives these services:

• Listing in the County Business Directory
• Listing in the Chamber of Commerce Web page.
• Periodic updates through media channels, newsletters and mailings.
• Networking opportunities at Chamber sponsored events, meetings and many more services.
• Membership Drive
• Marketing Member Products & Service
• Development & Delivery Valued Reports Exclusively for Members